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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The True Unknown

James 1:17
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

This present world is ever changing, full of illusions, delusions, self deceptions and dark mysteries. In this world, we cannot take what we see at face value. There is always another reality beneath the surface. We are ever looking for the real motive of people or the hidden truth in claims made. The very earth changes; it gets sicklier and sicklier with the sin of man that corrupts it. Our best plans are laid waste by bad weather, bad people and our own bad decisions. As soon as we think we are making headway in our happiness plan; necessity or opinion makes our plan obsolete and we have to get a new one.

In spite of all the evidence that we are standing on shifting sand we continue to pile hope upon hope and plan after plan for true happiness in this life and in this world. We are deceived in that things seem to roll along fairly predictably most years for most people. If you work hard and treat people right, it will most likely turn out well for you. Most likely? If you get a real good job and get your kids in the right schools and eat the right foods and subscribe to the right magazines and add the right religion to your routine; life will probably turn out pretty well. Really? Will it be as well as with God? Or just as good as the next guy? Would you bet your life on gaining more happiness with the world’s plan over following God’s plan? Many of us are doing just that.

It is amazing how we moan and complain about giving over our lives because we can’t seem to see how it will pay off to leave what is known (the world) and seek the unknown (God’s ways). Why is it that we tend to think the world’s ways as so predictable? Not one of us knows what tomorrow will bring on this earth. We won’t know that in following Jesus faithfully either. The difference is in the fact that Jesus makes His plans and promises known to us. He does not hide the distresses this life will bring or the joy He can give in them. We leave what is familiar to follow wholeheartedly after Jesus. We do not go toward what is unknown but to what is unfamiliar. The unfamiliar is in not pressing through on our own.

To think that we live with the devils plans for us in being entrenched in the world and that this means we make our own way is a deception. We do not make our own way – it is made for us. It is made by the world, ruled by Satan. Or, it can be made by Jesus, the ruler of all. Just because we have spent more time in the world does not make it reliable or safe or known or unchanging. An abused child will almost always choose to stay with their abusive parent if given the choice. They are afraid of the unfamiliar. Things can eat away at us so slowly that we may think all is going just as we had planned. We might think we have it all figured out because the changing nature of this world is typically slow and seemingly outside of us. Don’t be fooled. Look around at the constant changing, but never new world around you and realize the danger in trusting it over the solid promises of God.

God has proven many times over that He does not change or lie and that He is able to do all He promises. To give over the entire life to Jesus and obey all He says is the most knowable path we could ever have. God does not claim He will give us health, wealth or prosperity. He does not lie. God does promise to give us full and everlasting life and abundant joy in Jesus. He does not lie. On the other hand, Satan will promise comfort, health, well being and well doing in sticking with the familiar, “known” ways. He does lie. We only need to look around and for many, look at our own lives, to realize this.

Has God called you to a walk in a different direction? Are you aching for more of Jesus but are held back by the fear of what you believe to be unknown? It is not unknown. If you know Jesus, then you know the way. It may be unfamiliar but all God has revealed to us is more than enough for us to see that He is true to His every word. God will do all He promises for you if you obey. He will care for you. He will give you more happiness than you could ever ask for. He actually gives a written guarantee and pledges it with the blood of his only Son. You can’t get a better offer than that. It can’t be more of a sure thing.

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