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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Little Beauties

Here is Los Fresnos, we have an unusual tribe of little people. They seem to prize silliness and fun above all things in their culture. This "fun" typically takes form in the pretending to be somoeone else. They will spend hours (if allowed) taking on various roles; teacher, mother, princess, servant and some sort of person with super powers. They are persistent in their play, even when they repeatedly fall on the cement, incurring many scrapes and bruises. This is a resilient people who can cry or laugh at a moments notice. At times and for no apparent reason, they can be quite impish in their behavior; this is expecially true of the males. Our studies reveal that their social structure is maternal. One or two of the female little people will take on the role of chief game player. She will then tell the others what they will be playing and how they should do it. The males will usually follow along for a little while and then will go off on their own - probably because of the intricate rules of the games which can be confusing and change often. They are a loving and sometimes compliant group; they will receive food and gifts from any of us. Their language is mainly english with some terms that seem to express delight or displeasure and sometimes pain - it is a high toned whine. They all have this in common but the smaller ones seem to use this more often.

Our strategy for bringing the love of God to bear on this precious people includes very deliberate action coupled with patient waiting. They seem eager to hear God's Word if you can catch them at the right time of the day and if they are not too hungry. However, they do not seem to retain much of what they hear. Thus, the patient waiting. Also included are many kisses, hugs and lots of bandages. We have endeavored to divide the tribe and take two or three of them into our families. They still come together as a tribe during much of the day but are under the care of the families they have been assigned to. Each family, at their own discretion, takes time during the day to teach them the gospel with bible studies and most importantly, example. The little people are very bright and are quite adapt at spotting any inconsistencies - we are challenged constantly with this reality. These small ones are chief in our prayers and we have great hope for their future. We pray that our labor will not be in vain - we trust that God is faithful and that He will call them to His Son Jesus for His glory. Please join us in praying for these small ones and for us who have been privileged with the appointment of loving them in Christ.

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