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Sunday, June 6, 2010

It has been awhile since I have posted any pics. So here I am trying to catch up a little. Those who might be interested may have noticed I haven't posted many "thoughtful" posts lately. Well, God certainly has been faithful to continue to graciously lead, convict and teach us. While living in Guadalajara I came to appreciate true Christian fellowship - having been somewhat removed from it. We can take the privilege of our relationships in Christ for granted and have a tendency to just get "churchy". I'm really hating that more and more - beginning with my own tendencies.
I suppose in short, I desire to live what God speaks to me more than talk about it. I appreciate the encouragement from other's words and hope to be able to encourage also but notice that there are so many words and at least from me, many unnecessary. Some may be clapping at that :)
In an unknown language it doesn't do any good to think you have the right words because they can't be spoken in the way you are used to. But the really important things, like things of God , find a way out through imperfect language skills and loving gestures and just listening.
It just seems like we talk soooo much. We analyze and figure out all the angles and get it all straight until the lights go out. There is the delusion that if we can get a thing boxed up with the right words that somehow that is all that is needed.
God sent us a whole person. He sent His own son. The WORD became flesh - not mere words. And the WORD became flesh sent us - people. This is heavy on my mind lately because of my own convictions that it is easier to read a book about loving people than it is to sit in their living room when they could really care less about God or what you might say about him. It is easier to invite someone to "church" than to be the church for them. God sent us a person. He did not send a DVD or a virtual tour of the gospel but a living, breathing, eating, drinking, crying, praying person.
I am asking God to evaluate my "cultural christian norms". Our desire is to communicate the gospel to another culture. In doing so we will also communicate what God says about marriage and family and the value of such small things as we might not notice - but they will because we come as strangers. God is answering my prayers and I know He is just beginning to scratch the surface.
Thanks for listening. And thanks for being the "people" we need as well.

We arrived in Los Fresnos, TX just about the end of April. In time for Elizabeth to celebrate her 7th birthday. It did not take long for Ruben to get busy helping with things around here at the To Every Tribe apartments. TET is preparing to recieve new students for missionary training - praise to God! Ruben was involved with painting some of the apartments - with a little help. Here is the wall the kids helped with. I think he started locking himself in the apartments after that day.

After we left Guadalajara and before we landed in Los Fresnos, we made a stop in Queretero to visit with our teammates. Jim, our teammate who lives in Queretero took us on a mini tour of this beautiful city.

This little girl was just hangin' out. Probably a child of one of the vendors.

An woman who comes downtown to sell her crafts - with little baby.

Musician at a restaurant

The guys

A pyramid we visited

Ever since we visited the Shamrock Ranch in Dec., she wants to be a cowgirl.

Cactus fence at Pyramid park

At Jim's house

While preparing to haul our stuff out of the house in Guadalajara, we bought a couple big tubs to pack the kids toys in - and discovered they make an OK pool in a pinch
Genesis, Elizabeth, David and Aron (and Lily) at the house in Guadalajara. They are kids of a sweet couple we met at the church we visited there.

Mary & Deb

Adriana and kids

Anjelica & Deb

Pinata head

Pinata when it wore it's own head.

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