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Monday, September 20, 2010

In Juxtlahuaca

As I write this post in an internet store, flies attack my computer, a skinny puppy lies behind my chair and a woman passes speaking Mixteco ( or some other indigenous language) to her friend. It is so different here. Duh! One moment I feel I could really enjoy this town and other times I feel completely alien. I would like to post pics but it will be easier when we get internet at home so I´ll wait. But I thought to try to describe some of what is happening with us here right now. We arrived less than a month ago and Ruben has been so good to get everything situated for the house to make it livable.

Shopping is fun; dry goods one place, meat another, chicken another, paper another. Most everything can be purchased in the open market so it´s fun to walk through. But practically speaking, I will need to get used to where to get what unless I want to take all day to shop. Everything is within walking distance so we don´t have to shop for much in one time. Parking is a challenge since the streets are small and our car is big so walking is easier. Women carrying loads and babies are everywhere. Most of the men Ruben speaks to have been in the U.S. to work in their past. Some speak some english and they speak spanish, of course, and indigenous languages as well. The food is good.

The Catholic church in the center of town is faithful to broadcast over loud speaker all of it´s services and songs. You can hear it pretty early Saturday mornings. The other day they were announcing a description of a missing boy so I guess the speaker system is pretty useful. I don´t know if the boy found his mom. I sure hope so.

Dogs are everywhere. Some look realy hungry and some are better off. It is sad but there are many people worse off so I resist the temptation to carry doggy treats with me. Besides they would just follow us home and then we would have a mess.

It rains alot and gets a little chilly and when the sun comes out it is very beautiful. The mountains are all around and they look mysterious and pretty at the same time, depending on whether it´s foggy or sunny out.

I hope to post pics soon but I don´t think even they can describe this feeling of being a stranger in a strange land. It´s good, it´s necessary and we would not be any other place. But for now it´s certainly different.

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