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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Settling in to Village Life

Putting in the stairs to the outhouse Kids and Chris

Trying out the bathtub

Home is where my Master is

This is how Ruben spent his 50th birthday; digging the outhouse hole

Our "audience"

View from the kitchen door Road below

Banana tree; the flower makes a great bird feeder for finches and hummingbirds

Mixing Cement

Ruben gets a little help from the audience

Ruben's Birthday Cake

A little more help from the audience

Kids and books at the house

The school we are allowed to use for English classes

On a walk with kids


Neighbor kids

Waiting on the outhouse

Kids in the tree in our "back yard" (or back hill)

Kids playing in front of the house

For our "stonewashed jeans". I wish I were kidding. Actually Ruben has moved this sink and hooked up a water line with a valve so it works pretty well for dishes and clothes.

The "guys" taking a much needed break

Birthday boy

Antonia and Irma in their kitchen

The bat evacuated when we moved in - whew!

At the river for a swim. Girl reading

Little boys with book

Kids with books

The basketball court is at the main town building "Presidencia"

Elizabeth turns 8! What a big girl

Ruben working on the shower house. He's not winking - sweat is rolling in his eye - poor guy!

Neighbor's son

We had not planned a party for Elizabeth's birthday - just a small cookout for the team. While Ruben and I took the kids and the neighbor girls to the river for a swim, Chris put balloons up for a surprise. Jim arrived with his guitar and as soon as he started playing we had a group at the fence. Chris had brought a boatload of hot dogs so we began passing them out with little glasses of soda and a small cup of beans. God, as always, provided the necessary supply. Some brought gifts; apparently they figured it was a B-party for Elizabeth and ran out to get gifts at the neighbor's who sells clothes and the little grocery store. It doesn't take much to get a party going around here.

Outhouse (bottom) and shower house

David in the shower house - almost done :)

Hmmm; looks like trouble

Kids waiting for "Kids Day" festivities

Boys at "Kids Day"

Women cooking at wedding reception

Wedding reception families. Notice the girl hauling the case of beer. The walk down the whole hill alone is a challenge without cargo and who knows how far she carried it before. The little girl with the big smile is Emiliano's grandaughter, Miraella - very sweet and friendly girl.

Eating area: Wedding reception.

This pic just says it all to me: little kid with a cola (which is more popular than water) sitting on whatever is available, a machete laying behind her and just to the left of it a little plastic shoe someone has left behind. All the women wear these. It explains why they would rather go barefoot.

This is a really big mango tree at Emiliano's place

This is a Jicaral tree. They pick these "fruit" which they say are not good for eating and they cut them in half and hollow them and dry them. They are like tan wood when dry and they use them for dipping bowls and drinking out of, etc.

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Michael Kane said...

Thanks for the update and great pictures. I am trying to find your location on a map but haven't yet. Which way from Oaxaca City?
Thanks! God bless you all richly.

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