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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fair, School & Friends

These Pics are of a few different areas over the past couple months.  So try to keep up :)  We'll start with our famous dog.  If the hotel in Puebla had known how famous she is, they probably would have let her in.

Here's what's happening at the house in the village:
As you can see, there is a giant pile of sand in the yard...

 Looking Good!
 Still Working
 The maestro working on the ceiling inside the house

 Yikes!  Did you know scorpions carry their offspring on their backs?  I didn't, but I do now.
This was in our kitchen - not any more!
Never tire of the view

Gene & Frances: Don't they look good here?  Maybe they should move to Mexico.

 How cute!

How handsome!

These next few pics are at the school in Tlapa.
Coffee in the morning - that's no joke, Frances


Lunch with Jim

All Jim's hats

Waiting for the grown ups to stop talking

"How long am I going to have to hold this up?"

Guys at the school

Ruben & Ruben

On the road back to Juxt from the school - a new route; a really new route

The fancy hotel in Puebla has a playground

Now we have some pics from the fair in Teco:
Triqui lady selling bags & scarves.  You know I had to buy one after taking her picture.

Lollipop kid

Giant candy stand - David's about ready to fall in.

Piles of chilis

An idol for whatever ails ya
 I did not get these kids at the fair.  This was taken before we left the village for our "week or two" of work on the house.  This is the banana tree house.

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