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Sunday, July 26, 2009


My handsome husband.


This is how the "cutest kids ever" survive the heat.

Here is Tommi and Stephanie. Tommi is the one in the back looking like she's getting ready to scare Steph. Tommi is one of the most gracious people I have ever met. I can't think of a better word to describe her. Stephanie is just plain awesome - I mean she is from Michigan. Tommi is the administration queen and Stephanie is, I think, one of the princesses of Admin.

This is Kate and Scott. They are preparing to go to Papua New Guinea. Kate was in the hospital the same time as Ruben only she got to take home a precious baby and Ruben just got to take home his big leg (which I guess is better than leaving it there). I tell you, these women are tough and flexible here.

This is Kelly. I love this picture! Kelly is another of the expectant mothers here. She and her family (2 3/4 kids and hubby Alex) are headed to Papua NG with the cake lady, whom you will meet next, and her family (Faulkners with 2.0 kids)

This is Belinda. She forced me to take this picture. She is soooo cute but she was being difficult in the photo shoot. Belinda also forces us to eat alot of chocolate cake. Seriously, this lady can make some cake. She is my kid's favorite because she always treats them like little guests.

This is Scott, again. I forgot to tell you he plays guitar. And here is Chris. Chris, I think, just plays his IPod but he is very cool. He is going to head the Oaxaca Mex Team. Go Oaxaca!

This is Caleb. Caleb is a hoot! It looks like he's getting ready to swim here but he's going to get a dental exam. It was part of our dental training. Caleb plans to go to China - he's very serious about that. And he is a talented musician. Praise God for musical gifts!

This is Matt in EZ. Believe it or not, he smiles like that all the time. He and his wife are preparing to minister in Papua NG with their 3 3/4 kids.

These are the cutest kids ever!

This is Elizabeth, helping with tortillas.

This is Angel, a neighborhood boy. He speaks Spanish and English (like everyone else in Los Fresnos) and his uncle is a shrimper. Cool, huh?

This is Leanne, one of the three pregnant women here at CPCP. She's married to Mr Smiley. Leanne tries hard to seem serious - but she's pretty funny.

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