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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Near the Next Step

Well, we will be moving to Guadalajara in less than a month! Wow - the time has gone fast here. I thought I would take a minute before we get crazy busy to catch up and post a few random pictures of some of our friends here. I have so many more pictures and there are alot of people that aren't on here, but I did say random, right? It is difficult to put into words how much we have come to love these people. It's like we are all displaced; seeking our heavenly home together. Of course, that is how it is for all who follow Christ, but it hits home when you bond with these others who have left homes, families, dogs, and cooler weather to come to this unique place and prepare to reach nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Boy, I always do that; I say how hard it is to describe something and then spend the next hour trying to describe it. I will spare you that. We will miss them, but not in the way we miss our people back home because there will not be a future opportunity to come back to them. Almost all of them will not be here soon. They will be off to different parts of the world. God is amazing. That is such an understatement but there aren't better human words that I know to describe Him. I am simply amazed at all He has done and is doing (that I can see). Look forward, look to the unseen.

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