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Friday, March 26, 2010

Friend or Follower?

Acts 3:23 (Moses said) 'And it shall be that every soul who does not listen to that prophet shall be destroyed from the people.'

Peter quoted Moses in this bold address. Wow! It had not been very long since he denied he knew Jesus. I believe Peter was a zealous and brave man. He alone tried to keep Jesus from the cross; rebuking the Lord when he spoke of his coming death. It was Peter who rushed forward and cut off the ear of the servant of the high priest right in front of the crowd who came for Jesus.

Now, in the time of his treason, he follows at a distance when most others had fled. I imagine in pretending he didn't know Jesus he may have been hoping to get into a position to help him. It's possible he thought that saying he was not with Jesus was not a problem. After all, what was important was what he believed inwardly. As long as he loved Jesus in his heart, it didn't matter. But it mattered to Jesus. Surly Peter was just trying ot get Jesus out of the mess he had gotten into so they could plot how to overthrow the Roman rulers together. After all, compared to the other disciples, he was probably the most loyal and helpful in practical ways. But Jesus wasn't comparing.

If it had not been for Jesus words earlier, Peter would not have even recognized his actions as a denial of the one he was trying to be so loyal to.

You cannot claim Jesus inwardly and deny him with your mouth; cursing him with words of love for the world while considering that it is your inward assent that matters. You cannot use his name like a brand of laundry soap to clean up the world - reclaiming the world for Christ - he doesn't want the world.
Jesus Christ is the Lord of Glory! He defines the terms of all things!

Were it not for Jesus' words to Peter before his denial of him, Peter would not have understood that his idea of service was an injury and insult to the one he claimed to love.

If it were not for Jesus words....
Read them, listen to Him. Let the King define the terms of your service. He gladly accepts our bitter tears.

Just look at Peter after receiving the promised Holy Spirit! It appears that he could not keep himself from telling about Jesus; who He really is. His Holy Spirit filled mouth would not allow him to deny the Lord, even in the face of possible death, as he spoke to those who put Jesus on the cross.

That is the difference between trying to be a good friend and being a Holy Spirit empowered servant.

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