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Friday, July 5, 2013

Lending a Hand in Tlapa

We had at the extreme pleasure of working with our church from Colorado to help on a project at a Bible school in Tlapa, Guerrero  Lots of fun - and some sore backs!  I have so many photos (thanks to Frances) - it was hard to choose.  It's not everday we have so many people that we love in one place!  Alas!  I do not have a single picture of a tortilla.  I can hardly believe it!  It really makes the whole Mexico theme suspect, doesn't it?  I'm sorry, it can't be helped; we ate them all :)

Frances & Me Some of the Girls

School Grounds

Accounting 10001

Elle in the Kitchen

Playing Around

Singing with Student


The Inside Scoop

Hangin' with the Webbs

Mixin' It Up


I Love This Guy!

It's a Boy Thing

Uh, Like I Said, It's a MAN Thing

Meanwhile Back in the Kitchen...Deburring Cactus

Beginning Stage

"Watch Out Dad!"  Yikes

Okay, Who Invited the City Workers?


Lolis - She's the Bomb

We Had Birthday Cake!

Singing with Jim

Pass it On

Pretty Girls

Rosie Meets Aunt Jemimah

Salsa in the Making

Pizza Place in Town

Takin' a Break

Waiting on Cement

Now We're Making Progress!

Most of the Work Crew Plus Whoever Happened to Be Standing Around at the Time

Bunch of Women Folk

Bunch of Men Folk

Time To Go

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