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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Can We Just Talk about Jesus?

As I begin this, I wonder if I will actually publish the post.  I mean, we have so many voices today.  Everyone is publisizing their every move and preference and problem.  Why add to the noise?  So maybe I won't post it and maybe it won't matter if I do because it's not a new program or a new movement or a new strategy or a new anything.  It's really just an oversimplified desire and ache in my heart - can we just talk about Jesus?  You know Jesus - the Christ, The Living God, The Truth, the Life, The Way, The Son of God/ The Son of Man.  Do you remember him?  You know he is alive, right?  You realize he knows your every thought and your every word and every desire and action, right?  He's not a slogan, he's not a movement icon, he's not just a name.  He's God, He's real.

What I can't figure out is why it seems there is so much hype over the Gospel - but few seem to actually believe it or actually share it with someone else.  Of course, maybe I am mistaking one "gospel" for another.  I am talking about the good news that the one who was promised by God has come.  I am refering to that old and inherited problem of sin which keeps us from our Heavenly Father; the promise that He made to save us from the result of sin - eternal death, hell - you know, burning in eternity and all that.  It's real.  It's not a tale or legend.  So the gospel, the good news I mean is the one that says that God sent His own Son to die for our sins in keeping with his own law - that the payment of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ.  He takes our death and gives us his life.  He takes our trash and gives us himself for a treasure.  This good news goes so far beyond what I have written here - it goes all the way to eternity; it's too big to write down.  This news is so good it eclipses what we think is life, this tinkering around down here that we are doing.  Why is it not heard?  Why can't we just talk about Jesus', who He is, what he has done, what he's doing now, what he promises in the future?

There are programs to explain programs to prepare people for training so they can train others....FOR WHAT??  "To reach the lost..."  To equip the church..."  Baloney.  Why can't you just tell someone that you know what they need - and it's not a what - it's a Who?  Why can't you just tell them simply why their hearts are aching for something real, why they can't stop their cycle of destruction, why they can't get away from the nagging fear of death because they are convinced that God will punish them?  Well, he WILL - if they stay where they are. 

Why can't we just talk about Jesus?  It doesn't matter whether you are talking to a Christian or an unbeliever.  The need for Christ never ends.  Why spend so much time and energy and frankly, dishonest scheming, to get into someone's life; to be their best friend so that you may one day - just maybe, tell them what they are literally dying to hear?  People devote half thier lives developing and talking about and reading about ways to  get close to the unsaved in order to share Jesus.  The problem is they are devoted more to their idea than God.

Why can't we talk about Jesus with each other?  We analyze the Bible, hone our doctinal skills, brag inwardly about our fine ideas and superior habits.  We walk around with a sophisticated air that says, "Just talk about Jesus?  Isn't that a little simple?"  No, it's not - he is our life and the lack of  Him from one to another is killing us.  I don't need you to solve my latest problem or discomfort.  You don't need my sympathy.  I need to know what God has for me - from you by the Holy Spirit, and you need the same from me. 

So it sounds like I'm just scolding.  Or maybe I think I have some kind of place to tell other people what to do.  It might even appear that I am saying people ought to just make more of an effort to share the gospel with others and to be more encouraging.  I'm not saying that because I don't think it's a "doing" problem.  And as for me having a place to tell others about their need for Jesus, I do have a place.  I am part of His body and I have the authority of my Lord to tell you with love that we need to give each other the life only he can offer.  We give to each other when we speak God's truth to each other, reminding each other of his promises and refraining from falling in love with the world.  But aside from all of that, I'm honestly asking the question, Why can't we just talk about Jesus?

I'm asking, but I think I know the answer.  I think the reason the gospel - I mean the REAL gospel is not being preached to unbelievers or believers is because you don't really believe it.  That sounds ugly and it isn't meant to.  Do you ever ask yourself, "what do I believe?"  Can you answer that without quoting someone else?  What is the gospel?  What are you saved from?  Who is Jesus?  What does God say about who I am in Christ?  These all flow from the gospel and cannot be shared until we own them ourselves.  People who are free prize their freedom and live as though free.  Jesus paid it all but those who enjoy "the all" he paid for know that they bear a scar or two themselves in the process - the scars of the death of self.  What do you believe?  Don't sell your life for a program or the last best preachers quote or the most recent book you read or "good doctrine" or even the Bible.  Jesus gives living water because he is the living water.  Don't follow truths - follow THE TRUTH.  Don't adulterate with "good ways" but love THE WAY.  Don't fear the loss of life - but live for THE LIFE.  He's not a seminar or a figure of your imagination and you will never be able to get Him all figured out and written down.  You will think you have learned one thing only to be embarrassed later to find you didn't know a thing, but Jesus will stand and it won't matter how much you know.

Shall I post?  Or shall I just leave people alone?  It's my blog so I suppose I can post as I choose, until it's illegal anyway.  The reason I would not post it is because I hate the idea of adding another "voice" to the internet air.  But the reason I will post it is because I really do believe it is the heart of God.  I believe it is right and loving to speak in this way to you - whoever you are today.  I do know what I believe even though I'm still discovering it all.  More importantly, I know Who I believe and I know that He is big enough for us all and He's big enough to be heard through strange and imposing things like this.  Even more - I know that God hears.  God in heaven hears this "voice" right now, desiring to obey and love His people in the right way.  So it goes with love to you and trust in Jesus.

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