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Thursday, November 14, 2013

After the Flood

This is supposed to be a street.  Theses photos were taken 2 weeks after the rains!

 Those are doors - not windows.

House on right, store on left.

 Lots of mud.

Up to the roof!  Seriously, this is soemones's roof.

 Lights out for a while.

 Don't build your road on shifting mountains.

 This really big rock slid down the mountain unto the road.

 Some of our neighbors who caught a ride with us on the way to the village.

 One month after the flood.

 Just a sheep, but I liked the picture.

 Kids with their friend.

 River at the village - a month after the flood.  The river had swelled to about 5 times it's size and here is almost normal but it took crops and trees away and left behind large stretches of sand.

Playing at the river

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