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Monday, June 1, 2015

Day in the Country

Kids at the River

                                                        At the Village

                                                 Sharing Tortillas

                                                       Cute Baby Pigs

                                             Until they grew up and became a Gang

                                                     Inside a Cave

                                      Marshmellow Roast at the Village

                                              Elizabeth & Peaches

                                                With Friends on a Trip to a Village

                                                       Wood Stove

                                                                Us Ladies


                                    Baby Donkey




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This blog is for our personal posting and pictures and where we enjoy sharing what God is teaching us. For more specific ministry info; you can go to the To Every Tribe Website at the sidebar. We are in Oaxaca, where we will share the gospel with everyone that God will appoint to us. Our goal is to plant churches among the unreached in the surrounding villages here. We stand amazed at all God has already done!